Recommended Software: WriteRoom

Less is more department:


Programmer Jean GrosJean (why do I want to write Jean ValJean?) writes:>WriteRoom — Distraction free writing software for your Mac: For people who enjoy the simplicity of a typewriter, but live in the digital world. WriteRoom is a distraction free writing environment. Unlike the cluttered word processors you’re used to, WriteRoom lets you focus on writing. Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Walk into WriteRoom, and watch your distractions fade away. Now it’s just you and your text. WriteRoom is a place where your mind clears and your work gets done. When your writing is complete, exit WriteRoom and re-enter the busy world with your work in hand…And a review:>”But if, when it comes right down to it, full screen is your holy grail, and the ultimate antidote to the bric-a-brac of Word, then you must enter the WriteRoom, the ultimate spartan writing utopia.” — Virginia Heffernan, New York TimesIt’s not “the bric-a-brac of Word” that is the problem. The problem is the entire internet–just one click away from the text window.Now if only WriteRoom would have a “jail full screen” mode that would not let you leave the window for 30 minutes…


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