Calling Bulls— on Michael Gerson of the Washington Post

One of the things the news bureaus of the *Washington Post* must do before they can ever again become a great paper is to develop an enthusiastic ethos of publicly calling bulls— on the editorial page operations of the odious Fred Hiatt whenever possible.Ezra Klein takes a first step at Hiatt and company:>Ezra Klein: Department of Corrections: Michael Gerson vs. the Health Industry: Michael Gerson’s column contains a pretty significant factual error. He writes:>>Obama’s grand cost-control announcement — joined by health industry leaders — of a 1.5 percentage point reduction in health inflation each year was a shoddy, half-baked, deceptive mess. The (unsubstantiated) saving was really 1.5 percentage points after 10 years, leaving administration officials to backpedal and supposed allies to fume.>I have no idea where he got that. Last week, the health industry leaders released their package (pdf) of specific reforms meant to achieve the promised savings. The first paragraph on the first page says, “*we will do our part to achieve your Administration’s goal of decreasing by 1.5 percentage points the annual health care spending growth rate – saving $2 trillion or more.*” And the italics, by the way, are in the original document, not added by me. Gerson is simply wrong.


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