New York Times Crashed-and-Burned-and-Smoking Edition (Ross Douthat Edition)

A friend who calls herself chunkyreesewitherspoonlookalike writes:>Ross Douthat:>1. believes that abortion is murder.>2. thinks that women who use birth control should be stigmatized as (or perhaps are) unattractive sluts.>3. thinks that single parents should be [stigmatized too.](>Don’t you only get to pick two of those three? Unless you’re a real p—- who thinks women should be locked up by their fathers until title to them is passed to their husbands, that is.I agree. If you think birth control and single parenthood should both be stigmatized then you must be for abortion on demand. If you both forbid abortion and stigmatize birth control then single parents are valuable parts of society performing important work raising the next generation. If you forbid abortion and disapprove of single parenthood then women on the pill are Visible Saints.Why oh why can’t we have a better press corps?


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