Initial Take on Lecture Topics: Econ 115: Twentieth Century Economic History: Fall 2009: U.C. Berkeley

**Economics 115: Fall 2009: TTh 12:30-2, F295 Haas**Th Aug 27: I: Overview (II: Growth; III; Fluctuations; IV: Distribution; V: Systems and Politics)T Sep 1: VI: Slow Income Growth and the Absolute Poverty of the North Atlantic, 1800-1870Th Sep 3: VII: No Income Growth and the Dire Absolute Poverty of the Globe, 1800-1870T Sep 8: VIII: The Invention of Invention: Modern Economic Growth Comes to the North Atlantic, 1870-1914Th Sep 10: IX: The Iron-Hulled Ocean-Going Steamship: One Economic World, Indivisible, 1870-1914T Sep 15: X: Democracy, 1870-1914Th Sep 17: XI: Empire, 1870-1914T Sep 22: FIRST EXAM (pre-WWI/police the reading/instructor reality check)Th Sep 24: XII: The Knot of War: 1914-1920 and AfterT Sep 29: XIII: Trying to Keep Believing in Progress, 1920-1929Th Oct 1: XIV: The Business Cycle and the Great Depression, 1825-1940T Oct 6: XV: Nazis, Bolsheviks, Fascists, Socialists, and Social Democrats, 1870-1933Th Oct 8: XVI: Dealing with the Imperial West, 1914-1950T Oct 13: XVII: Total War and Cold Peace, 1933-1955Th Oct 15: XVIII: Social Democracy in One (North Atlantic) Region, 1920-1975T Oct 20: SECOND EXAM (1914-1950)Th Oct 22: XIX: From Colonialism to Neocolonialism: Import Substitution, State Building, and Divergence, 1940-1980T Oct 27: XX: Stalin, Mao, and Their Heirs 1926-1990Th Oct 29: XXI: Japan and the Stubborn Boundaries of the “First World”, 1870-1990T Nov 3: XXII: 1980: At the Peak of the Great Divergence: One World Unequal and Very DivisibleTh Nov 5: XXIII: Social Democracy Exhausted: 1970-1995T Nov 10: XXIV: Neocolonialism and Neoliberalism Triumphant, 1980-2000Th Nov 12: XXV: Decommunization, 1975-2010T Nov 17: XXVI: China (and India) Stand Up, 1975-2010Th Nov 19: XXVII: True Wealth Is Informational and Biological, 1940-2020T Nov 24: XXVIII: The First True Global Division of Labor, 1970-2010Th Nov 26: NO CLASST Dec 1: XXIX: Things Falling Apart? 2000-2010Th Dec 3: XXX: The Return of Malthus, 1970-2200T Dec 8: THIRD EXAM (1950-2010)F Dec 18: FINAL EXAM 12:30-3:30pm


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