Why John Roberts Should Not Be on the Supreme Court

A “friend” emails:>Roberts started his mischief early. This from a talk I gave on thehistory of HIV prevention and harm reduction:>>In September 1985, President Reagan made his first prepared commentson AIDS. Responding to unfounded fears, health authorities proposedto include the following in his speech: ‘As far as our best scientistshave been able to determine, AIDS virus is not spread through casualor routine contact.’ These words were never spoken. A young WhiteHouse aide redacted them.>>This story is telling, not because the young aide, now Chief Justiceof the United States, got it so wrong. It’s telling because theconsensus of medical and public health experts was so casually over-ruled by a young lawyer who knew nothing about AIDS. Public policy isnot only about making the right call. It is also about creatingorganizational capacity so that judicious analysis is performed andthen gains a proper hearing.Republicans: bad for America, bad for the world.


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