The John-Yoo-Is-a-Bad-Faith-Actor Caucus

Orin Kerr is a proud and welcome member of the John-Yoo-Is-a-Bad-Faith-Actor caucus:>Orin Kerr: John Yoo: “Now that I’m not in the government, part of my role, because I have a certain amount of expertise, is to try to keep the government honest.” — From an interview with the Orange County Register.>On the other hand, back when he was in government…We public members of the caucus are still relatively small in number (although a *hell* of a lot of remarkably prominent lurkers support us in email).On the other hand, the public members of the John-Yoo-Is-a-Good-Faith-Actor caucus are even smaller in number. I know of none save for Mark Graber, David Rivkin, and Alberto Gonzales…


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