Council on Foreign Relations Chatter…

Some voices:* What’s going on?…* Benn Steil: gold bug and fringe anti-Keynesian…* Max Boot: Kipling aficionado and chicken hawk…* Amity Shlaes: Calvin Coolidge fan…* Elliot Abrams: perjurer and war criminal…* I used the think the CFR was a middle-of-the-road tree club for Rockefeller Republicans. Anyone know what’s going on?…* 95% of the council’s membership was wrong about the fate of the Soviet Union, the al Qaeda threat, and invading Iraq. They keep dusting themselves off and marching forward with their pompous groupthink…* Haass is the one who has to answer for Shlaes et al. at CFR…* A couple of them shouldn’t even be at KFC…


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