Can I Pleez Haz Upgradz to Do Visual Signal Processing in Wetware?

The people at the Optemetry School wanted to look in my eyes, so they widened my pupils by paralyzing my pupil-contracting muscles–which also paralyzed my lens-contracting muscles because they are right next door.Due to compatibility with the architectural specification for Quadruped 1.0, a great deal of visual signal processing is done in hardware: muscles that push and pull the shape of the lens to focus the image on the back of the retina. There is plenty of signal processing power in the visual cortex to do visual signal processing: people whose lenses have been removed can and do still read.But, alas, I do not have the upgrade. I cannot do the visual signal processing in wetware. Which makes the problem of how I am going to read my lecture notes in 30 minutes a very interesting one…


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